Albert Darnell are seeing savings of £6000 a month.

Flixborough Eco Technologies’ work at Albert Darnell, on the Europarc in Grimsby, illustrates what they can offer. The 185kW solar installation follows the introduction of LED lighting, with the intention of eventually converting the whole site, and a power procurement audit. This means the company is now able to move to a green energy tariff and make substantial savings on their energy bills. Flixborough Eco Technologies were recommended to Albert Darnell thanks to their growing reputation. Their team of energy saving experts have all worked in and around the industry for many years, enabling them to take projects from conception to completion. This project illustrates the huge range of services they can offer, and one reason for the rebranding of the company is to showcase this wide selection, including energy procurement.

A large investment into solar energy has transformed Albert Darnell Ltd into a completely self-sufficient business in a move which will bring long-term benefits.

A total of 740 solar panels have been installed on the processing factory roof, generating enough electricity to power the entire operation, as well as generating income by selling excess back to the national grid. “Obviously, our kind of business demands the use of a lot of power, and the costs per year are very high,” said general manager Mark Rodgers “It has been a massive investment for us to turn to solar energy, but it is one we know will bring big rewards for us over the next 20 to 30 years. We are already seeing the benefits as we are generating enough energy to power all of our operations, which is incredible.”
Solar PVMr Rodgers says that given the day to day operation costs of running such a big business, it takes long-term thinking and vision to commit to such an investment. “I don’t imagine there are many, if any, companies in our line of work putting this sort of investment into renewable energy, but we have looked at the long term benefits, savings and incomes and they are significant,” he said. “It shows that as a company, our vision is long-term. It is also important for us in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility and further underlines our commitment to responsibly sourcing and sustaining our products.”

Project Planning

As with every scheme we do, we pride our project planning and scheme management. We had a Pre-start meeting with the client to keep them fully informed of the plan for the installation. Due to the scale of the Albert Darnell installation, we agreed an extensive project delivery system plan to be put in place. Utilising Microsoft Project we were able to structure the project specifics and allocated tasks. This is turn organised the project and limited exposure to risk and allow us to build in contingency so we would meet client expectations. In addition to project management software, we utilised our own in-house task sheets and customer database to record job processes. These documents were shared on an update basis with live versions available at all times. Finally we held weekly update meetings with the client prior to installation.

Customer Engagement

  • Pre-start meeting: Upon receiving signed contract.
  • Progress meetings: Formal weekly until project start with teleconferences if required.
  • Installation Phase: Daily phone calls to enable us to work without hindering the client’s normal operational procedures.
  • Post installation: Handover to client on commissioning day.
  • Final Post installation meeting: 1 week after commissioning with full O&M manual presented to client
  • Performance review: 2 months after installation.


solar-panel-installationWe had a daily liaison with the client when we registered our team on the site. All employees and subcontractor were provided with branded PPE to identify all of our personnel to site staff. We were made fully aware of the tight timescale for this delivery due to Feed in Tariff constraints, so we called in additional skilled employees to complete the scheme.

We planned to supply and install this scheme within 20 working days with 5 days contingency due to forecast gale force winds. Our roof works were completed within 10 working days to minimise weather disruption forecast for the following week. We held daily update phone calls with the client during installation this enabling the client to accommodate us when considering operational requirements. We delivered the scheme using our own installation team.

Project Outline

System Size:

740 FuturaSun

Delta RPI Series M50A & M20A G59/3

Provided by Control and Power Solutions (CPS)

Albert Darnell Solar Panels Download as PDF

We found the whole process from start to finish well organised and very professional. The team took care of all the H&S implications and ensured the installation in no way affected the day to day operation of the site.

The communication was proactive, and the whole installation was completed ahead of schedule.  The system is operating well and contributing over and above the return, we expected prior to installation.  Technical support has been very good, and we will well supported in after sales support.

Albert Darnell Ltd would recommend “Flixborough” to anyone looking to solar power solutions, for reducing energy costs for your business whilst supporting the environment.

Albert Darnell, Grimsby

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