Flixborough Eco Technologies’ work at Kirby Lindsey in Hull, illustrates what we can offer.

Flixborough Eco Technologies were recommended to Kirby Lindsey after they found our details on the back of the Food and Drink Magazine. Kirkby Lindsey is an electrical engineering company specialising in electric motors and associated equipment such as gearboxes, control gears and pumps. With many years of experience in delivering an efficient and effective service geared to keeping down time to a minimum, Kirkby Lindsey have built a reputation as a trusted and responsive partner.

Kirby Lindsey had called in our energy experts to provide an analysis on heating within the large workshop space.

With the space being divided into large and small works and with a large overheat hoist, heating has become difficult and expensive. With a condemned gas boiler including a blower distribution system, encouraged hot air is to sit in the eves. Infra-red heating however lends itself to this specific site. With the ability to direct heat, only the areas requiring heat are heated. Therefore, it is now the fine detail work benches in the main workshop which area heated.

Mobile units providing the isolated heat per project IR heating have now fully replaced all gas heating in work shop areas.

Project Outline

6x Herschel Advantage IR 3

BN Thermic TS3

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