RDASH see over £8,000 a year in benefits from the solar installation.


Flixborough Eco Technologies won a contract to supply and install a 30kWp solar PV system on St John’s Hospice in Doncaster. The installation was situated over three elevations and required extensive cable to link the arrays together. The panels were mounted on a concrete tile roof using none invasive MCS certified roof anchors. The inverter station was positioned in a switch cupboard which was selected due to its ability to hide the associated switchgear. This position was not an ideal to access from the cable run perspective, however, we chose to install here as it was easily accessible by the client, electricians and hidden.


Project Planning

As with every scheme we do, we pride ourselves on our project planning and scheme management. We had a Pre-start meeting with the client to keep them fully informed of the plan for the installation. Utilising Microsoft Project we were able to structure the project specifics, and allocated tasks and provide an outline timescale for the client. This in turn organised the project and limited exposure to risk and allow us to build in contingency so we would meet client expectations. We utilised our own in-house task sheets and customer database to record job processes.

Customer Engagement

  • Pre-start meeting: Upon receiving signed contract.
  • Progress meetings: Weekly Teleconferences.
  • Installation Phase: Daily phone calls to enable us to work without hindering the client’s normal operational procedures.
  • Post installation: Handover to client on commissioning day.
  • Final Post installation meeting: 1 week after commissioning with full O&M manual presented to client
  • Performance review: 2 months after installation.


We planned to supply and install this scheme within 5 working days with 1 day’s contingency due to forecast gale force winds. Our roof works were completed within 4 working days.

We had a daily liaison with the client when we registered our team on the site. All employees and subcontractor were provided with branded PPE to identify all of our personnel to site staff.  We held daily update phone calls with the client during installation this enabling the client to accommodate us when considering operational and noise level requirements. We delivered the scheme using our own installation team.

Risk Management and Risk Mitigation

We worked into the weekend to minimise the impact on client operations. We liaised with the client prior to
the scheme commencing on site as there were Final building inspections and construction cleaning
contractors scheduled. As a matter health and safety, we mount a wind speed meter on the roof of the
installation to instruct us when it is too windy to operate and allow our installation teams to operate safely.
Reason for installation – to increase the efficiency of the building and reduce the overheads and running
costs of the building.

Management of SubcontractorsRDASH Solar Panels on Roof

We, as the main contractor have performed extensive due diligence on both our suppliers, subcontractors and installation partners, to enable us to guarantee quality, reliability and consistency. Due to having vulnerable persons on site we ensure all partners and subcontractors have the relevant DBS screening certification. We also have written agreements between ourselves and our subcontractors and partners who agree to adhere to our standards, expectations and health and safety procedures.  Each site has a dedicated site supervisor who is the client’s onsite point of contact and person responsible for
all sub-contractors.

Project Outline

System Size:


Afore 10kW & Afore 20kW

G59/3 Relay:
Provided by Control and Power Solutions (CPS)

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