Have you considered Solar PV at your commercial premises?


The initial stage of the project was to complete a site survey to discuss and calculate the energy usage and requirements of the site.  Our team then provided them with a commercial quotation; this includes the technology proposed to be installed, the cost, system details and performance, annual financial benefit, information about the Feed-In-Tariff and calculations of savings and all warranties.

The roof works for the solution were completed within one day to minimise disruption to the site. The related electrical installation was completed to the client’s timescale enabling the team to fully commission the full system within one week with daily liaison with the client.

Once the installation was commissioned, the client was guided around the system to understand how everything works and was also provided with a handover pack which contains all relevant documents to the installation and paperwork to apply for the government incentives and carbon trust funding.


*Return on investment is calculated to include Annual Investment Allowance tax savings.

Project Outline

System Size:

SolarWorld 270W

Samil Power- Solar Lake

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