Public Sector

Renewable Energy and energy saving measures play a key role in the future of this sector, with budgets being scrutinized and carbon reduction targets for all departments; renewable energy has a critical part in the future efficiency of buildings across the United Kingdom. We specialize in providing bespoke solutions on a scheme by scheme basis to actually meet the client’s needs and delivering above and beyond. We have vast experience in identifying sectors that can be over looked where savings are achievable.

Schools & Academies

We provide solutions for Schools and Academies who are keen to reduce their second largest cost being energy bills. Through combined solutions we target the factors that have the most significant savings in terms of energy and financial savings. In addition to these we focus on which technologies can actually generate a further income stream for the future. We specialize in identifying the correct technology for each environment. We have installed Solar PV and LED lighting on school sports halls, the systems we fitted have worked hand in hand by using the on-site generated power via solar PV to be the primary source supplied into the sports halls to run the lighting and ventilation. Carbon Trust funding can be secured for these for 30% of the scheme value up to £10,000. Contact us today to find out more and see whether your educational facility is eligible.


Flixborough Eco Technologies Ltd supplies and installs for the agricultural industry. We have vast experience in the agricultural sector and have advised and supplied to various types of farmers from poultry to arable. Systems we have installed have vastly reduced running costs for our clients, applying new working methods to maximize the savings.  Gone are the days of drying cereals at night on reduced rate power, we’ve managed a new approach for our clients to run their equipment through the day at a lower cost.


Some of our clients have redundant unproductive sites that are being nothing but a burden and often becoming dumping sites. We have designed, supplied and installed solar PV, this has added value to their portfolio. Ground Mount systems need planning permission but can be a great way of maximising the land whilst getting paid the Feed in Tariff to use it!

Sports Clubs & Charities

Sports Clubs and charities are ideal candidates for applying renewable technologies, be it through LED Lighting, Air-source heating and Solar PV. These are avenues for reducing costs which are always a problem in clubs. Some short sighted planning can be overcome by collective investments and utilizing sink funds. The clubs we have worked with have received the valuable FITS (feed-in-tariff), as well as the offset from the energy costs there has also been an income stream generated to go where they see fit.


You may be thinking…well, what are the benefits of installing renewables?

Benefits include:

♦   Reducing your dependence on fossil fuel.

♦   Helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases; thus improving your Carbon Footprint

♦   Reducing your energy bills and saving money. Depending on your site, you can generate income by selling your surplus energy back to your energy provider.

♦   Making best use of local resources


If your industry sector isn’t on this page, don’t panic. Contact us today to see if you can benefit from Carbon Trust funding.

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