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Getting the right deal from your energy supplier can save companies thousands of pounds. Business attentions should be focused on business and not on negotiating a good business energy rate; we can take the hassle of dealing with gas and electricity suppliers to secure you the best rate. Here at Flixborough Eco Technologies we work with brokerage partners within the industry to ensure you get the best deal on gas, electricity and even water.

In today’s energy market, with gas and electricity prices fluctuating by as much as 40 percent in a year, making the correct decisions about energy procurement is fast becoming a critical element in any commercial strategy.

Whether sourcing energy for a single site, a complex multi-site portfolio or a new connection, Power Efficiency can secure the best energy prices available. Our dedicated account management teams and highly experienced market analysts can provide clients with a range of options, from risk-managed fixed and flexible procurement to a one-stop new connections service, marshalling our expertise and industry standing to help our clients take advantage of the best market opportunities.

Our Services

Power Efficiency has extensive experience of managing energy procurement for industrial and commercial blue-chip organisations, SMEs, public sector bodies and in the voluntary sector. This expertise is utilised along with its deep understanding of the energy markets to deliver the following services, each tailored to the client’s unique needs.

Fixed-price procurement to secure a competitive, fixed price for electricity and gas for a specified timeframe, giving the client forecasting certainty. Power Efficiency constantly monitors energy markets to develop a bespoke, risk-managed strategy that pivots on the best time to buy. For clients with numerous sites, its portfolio management solution ensures a uniform purchasing strategy across all their properties.

Flexible-price procurement to add more flexibility to energy buying, enabling the purchase of gas and electricity during the term of a contract to exploit market falls. The key is the firm’s close analysis of wholesale markets, which enables it to buy when conditions are right whilst maintaining a pre-agreed budgetary strategy. It also undertakes portfolio management to ensure a consistent procurement framework over multiple sites.

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Power Efficiency helps its clients by:

  • Reducing costs by achieving the most competitive prices available from energy suppliers, be it in the wholesale markets or through supply contract negotiations.
  • Delivering budgetary certainty through risk management strategies that lock in the best prices and help eliminate the guesswork in predicting energy budgets.
  • Unlocking optimal credit terms with suppliers through skilled negotiation and the expert presentation of client organisations data to minimise any credit issues.
  • Saving time and work by providing fully outsourced solutions, which take complex purchasing and administrative issues off the shoulders of managers and frees them up to do what they do best, run their own business.
  • Ensuring transparency through the firm’s ethic of fully visible, costed-out billing, putting clients fully in the picture at all times and in firm control of their consumption and costs.

Energy Procurement

Since Flixborough Eco Technologies have installed our lighting at Kirmington we have had no issues or concerns.

Before we had rather old-fashioned lighting which was very fluorescent, bright and often we unscrewed some of the light bulbs as some members of staff received head aches.

These new LED Lights are easier on the eye, look more modern and professional too. Also, they provide more of a natural lighting rather than bright, unpleasant lighting around the office.

The LED Lighting does not glare against our monitors as the old lighting did. This is a very big positive for us as we use our monitors 8:30AM – 5:00PM every working day!

Overall, we would recommend the LED Lighting to any office based companies / environments and have no complaints. The process with Flixborough Eco Technologies was easy and straight forward and all the team have been helpful and friendly. The fitting team came between non-work hours for most of the fitting and when they were here we hardly even notice!

Thanks Again Flixborough Eco Technologies!

Hendersons Insurance Brokers Ltd, Kirmington
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We are not just a solar panel installer; our team of energy saving experts have all worked in and around the industry for many years.

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