IR Heating is the most basic form of heating, similar to the heat from the sun, a coal fire and even the heat emitted by your own body. It works in all seasons, even during winter, by heating objects which keep the environment around you warm by radiating the heat back. It’s not the air that is heated as this holds little heat and quickly disappears.


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Heat energy is released when infrared waves touch a surface after travelling through the air. The molecules in the object vibrate which is how they gain energy, thus warming up. As well as objects, people emit and absorb infrared, depending on the environmental temperature differences. So, if the environment around you has objects which are warmer than you are, they will warm you up. On the other hand, if the objects are colder than you, you will radiate heat out to them, which is why you would feel cold.


“We are very impressed with the Infrared Radiant Heaters that have been fitted and we are contemplating kitting out the whole office.”

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